The Amazon Way: Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles

by John Rossman

The 3rd edition of The Amazon Way is the ultimate leadership manual for innovation and business growth. The Amazon Way translates Amazon’s unique culture and management practices into insights and opportunities, as only an Amazon executive and expert advisor could do for the Amazon Leadership Principles.

Peppered with humorous and enlightening firsthand anecdotes with Jeff Bezos from the author’s career at Amazon, this revealing business guide is also filled with the valuable lessons that have served Jeff Bezos’s “everything store” so well—providing expert advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors alike.

The author was responsible for launching the Amazon Marketplace business and had accountability for the enterprises services business. Since leaving Amazon, Rossman has worked across every sector and with companies of all sizes to create business and product strategies, approaches to scale leadership, culture and innovation. It’s this combination of Amazon insider experience coupled with a vast portfolio of helping other businesses compete which make The Amazon Way a guide for anyone looking to compete in the digital era.

The 3rd edition has many new and updated sections. This includes a new foreword from Tom Alberg, managing partner at Madrona Venture Group. Tom was on the board of directors at Amazon for 25 years. A new preface is included suggesting a vital strategy for Amazon and the leadership teams for all companies. Leadership principles have been updated with new interviews and insights.

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