Facing Death: Finding Dignity, Hope and Healing at the End

by Jim deMaine, MD

Many books look at end of life and how to die with dignity. In this beautifully written memoir, physician Jim deMaine presents stories—lessons learned from patients and caregivers who taught him about dying. His medical career began in the era when little could be done for what remain our two greatest killers—heart disease and cancer. There were iron lungs but no ventilators. ICU’s and CCU’s had not yet evolved. Possibly the most distressing was seeing his patients die without the benefit of hospice care. With amazing rapidity, medical science brought us life-saving advances such as hemodialysis and organ transplants.

The progress of medical science is both marvelous and problematic. The advances continue to outpace our ability to thoughtfully and ethically bring new technologies to the bedside. When should they be used? How do we decide how to allocate these advances when resources are scarce or prohibitively expensive? Dr. deMaine’s stories are about hopes and fears, about the ethical dilemmas he encountered, about advance care planning, about physician aid in dying, about medical mistakes, and about modern hospice and palliative care. He shares stories that taught him hard, humbling lessons. He shares thoughts about the future and leaving a legacy to our loved ones.

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