We are honored and thrilled to share we are recipients of a Silver Stevie Award for Best Business Book 2021. Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close the Skills Gap, written by Deanna Mulligan with Greg Shaw, explores how emerging technology will revolutionize nearly every job, eliminate some, and create new forms of work that we have yet to imagine.

Deanna Mulligan offers a practical, broad-minded look at the effects of automation and why the private sector needs to lead the charge in shaping a values-based response. With a focus on the power of education, Mulligan proposes that the solutions to workforce upheaval lie in reskilling and retraining for individuals and companies adapting to rapid change.

By creating lifelong learning opportunities that break down boundaries between the classroom and the workplace, businesses can foster personal and career well-being and growth for their employees. Drawing on her own experiences, historical examples, and reports from the frontiers where these issues are unfolding, Mulligan details how business leaders can prepare for and respond to technological disruption. Providing a framework for concrete and meaningful action, Hire Purpose is an essential read about the transformations that will shape the next decade and beyond.

Read about the rest of the winners here and learn about the judging and awards process here. Need to buy your copy? Click the image below to be directed to IndieBound or visit Deanna’s website for more buying options.